Teachers & Event Sponsors will appreciate the professional service we offer: a balanced blend of music that everyone will enjoy, radio edited selections, and professional courtesies extended to everyone during your event! We are "in-touch" with all the current music preferences of teens. However, we always respect and comply with the school administrationís guidelines.
     Accept no substitutions. Why settle for less when you can host a successful dance with Rock Around The Clock DJ's? After Game Dance, Homecoming, Halloween & Christmas Dances, Fund Raisers, Fraternity & Sorority Parties, Club Organization Events, Band Parties, Valentine Formal, Proms, Graduation Celebrations, Birthday Parties, and more!
     As a mobile entertainment leader in Central Wisconsin, we offer the hottest dance systems that your high energy events require. Our audio and lighting systems are the most elaborate in the area and provides that big club sound that gets your feet moving. You get exciting "club-style" lighting effects cranked high in the air, the latest in Top 40 Dance selections, personal requests, plenty of slow songs (to get close to that special someone) and a sound system to fill any size venue with powerful concert sound.
2011 DJ Stimulus Package
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Is your schools dance attendance down?
Xtreme Foam & Rock Around The Clock DJ's
     Are now planning a Winter 2010 Foam Party Tour. We want to come to your school and throw your school a huge party. Are foam parties to costly or people are just not sure if they want to have one. Let us come put on a demo for you.
     At our foam parties we will bring a night club lighting & sound system. Our Foamalious Infinate Machine which produces 10,000 CFM of foam, 24' by 24' foam pit with water tight liner and the staff to man everything.
    We will also bring DJ Fusion from 93.1 Jamz in Madison for our special guest DJ. In your three to four hour long dance he will mix approxmently 200-300 songs. DJ Fusion has also been a DJ for National Hip Hop artists, you can find him on XM Radio and radio stations across the USA just to name a few.
   Security....Taken care of. Ticket sales taken care of. Just call and say our school would like to book a tour date at no cost to you and give us the schools contact info. Well do the rest!!!
     In December of 2010 Rock Around The Clock DJ's will be mailing out our own Stimulus check (Gift card) to area school to help off set the budject cuts facing our country. We hope in helping to provide safe, fun enviroment for kids of all ages at dances. Many towns have little to do. So lets keep our kids off the streets and DANCE!
We have an idea for you. Try a Foam Party. Foam partys are a great way to get great attendance at your schools dance. Between The largest commerical grade machines in the USA and the Freshest music your party will be a hit!
Need help planning a school dance?
Are you out of theme idea for your schools dance. Are you tired of the same old things? Call our staff today and let us rebuild your schools dances today with our services Free of charge w/ signed DJ.
From toga parties to Stoplight parties and many more we can help you with all your needs.
Rock Around The Clock DJ's & DJ Fusion
Multi-Event Discounts
Here at Rock Aorund Te Clock DJ's We like to forward discounts as much as possible. For schools one that we like to offer alot is our multi event booking discount.
If your school books our services for two or more dances a year you are eligable. Call a booking agent today to inquire.
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